Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Food Talk and Bark Park

So first off, let's talk a bit about what kinds of food this website will be discussing. This website will focus primarily on organic, whole foods...local when possible. I'll focus on finding balance of one's own eating patterns and will help you to understand your own unique needs and how to optimize your health by creating an individualized diet and lifestyle. I will also help you to understand your body so that you can learn how to decode your body's reactions into messages of what it needs. For example, chronic lethargy, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, low sex drive, inability to concentrate, muscle cramps and pain, and weakness could all seem like symptoms of depression or a low thyroid. But, digging deeper one will find that all of these ailments including depression itself are often symptomatic of chronic magnesium deficiency. With more than 85% of the American population deficient in this mineral which plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy psychological and emotional state as well as maintaining heart health, it s very likely that this deficiency is at least one contributing factor.

After each discussion of minerals, medicinal-quality foods, or nutrients, I will include a recipe that will help you to eat more foods that contain high levels of the therapeutic compound, vitamin, or mineral. I will also include cooking tips, ideas, related facts, and lifestyle suggestions to help you to make as large or small a change in your life with the most support, joy, and ease. Remember, this should all be a fun learning experience with plenty of room to explore, screw up, laugh, grow, and celebrate! We are always moving forward whether we like it or not, so what do we have to lose to try and always be in the process of cultivating a better version of ourselves? Old habits, rituals, painful memories, traumatic experiences, and dips and chasms in the road will only hold us back. So, let us constantly be working on learning, growing, becoming more flexible, wonderful versions of ourselves that are truly happy and truly free!!

On that note, here are some pictures of my brother's Husky Zorra and some other very free and joyful dogs playing at the Bark Park! 

What a big smile!

Playing tag!

All grouped around their owner; look at all the love there!


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