Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome to Alma Foods!!

Hello! This is me, Samara Ferris! And this is my blog! Welcome to Alma Foods and the beginnings of the first budding Food Renaissance! First off, what is an "alma" and what does it taste like? And if it tastes anything like a strawberry milkshake in the middle of a July day in Florida, where can I get one?!?! Well, "Alma" means soul in Spanish and thus a fun bilingual pun is born.....Soul Food! This website is dedicated to the study, discussion, and most importantly, the truth of food. And not just any food, no no no, whole, natural, organically-grown and local (if possible) food. We are living in a world of homogenized, labeled, processed, nutritionally empty, pasteurized food that neither feeds the needs of our bodies, our hearts, our conscience, our souls, nor the health of this world. But don't get down and blue just yet, there is good news! These vulnerable, ailed times are the best times for changes to occur: big ones. We cannot afford one more day of ignorance, of feeling sub-par, of guilt, shame, or lethargy. We need to take initiative, to help cultivate the love of food and health within ourselves and others and recapture our vibrancy, our energy, our laughter and our joy for food and life. This site is not limited to food, either, think lifestyle: how we see the world, how we clean our homes, old habits that hold us back, what we drive, how we love; food is just the starting point here: the base coat . So, thank you for taking the time to visit us at Alma Foods...don't be afraid to take a little peek into the cabinets or to take a two week bender to read up (which my lawyer just informed me presents itself as a possible if anyone asks, I didn't tell you to do it) on all the amazing information available here that we gathered up from a plethora of trusted and objective sources. Learn, teach, share inspiration, and always search for the truth.

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